Helber Manufacture custom items: Extended rails, dove tail and tapered dove tail rails (Sako, CZ, Ruger), Blaser rails and mounts.

ATN Extension's

Nerinco and AK47 barrel treading

Achmed I silencer

Scope mounts steel and aluminum all tube sizes

Muzzle breaks

Point of impact change Achmed Muzzle breaks

Recoil arrest


Scope mounts steel and aluminium all tube sizes

Stud base rails and basis for most rifles

Extended Picatinny attachments for night site scopes

.22 silencer extension for rifles with sites

Extended Picatinny attachments for night sites

Trigger guards

Extractor claws


Bolt stops

Recoil lugs and Wishbones

Magazine inserts and covers


Barrel Bands

Triger inserts


Oval and cover grips

Hammer extensions

Firing pins

Bolt handles

Bolt head

Wood screws