Why we designed the bullet

We needed a bullet that is consistent in:

  • Accuracy
  • Minimal meat damage
  • Maximum energy transfer

A Monolithic bullet is formed from one single piece of metal in a lathe. Titan Monolithic Rifle Bullets are made of a brass alloy. Titan Monolithic Rifle Bullets are designed with a boattail so that the bullet can consistently leave the barrel crown, with an even pressure relief for better flight. Boattail bullets are able to provide flatter trajectories and higher retained velocities due to an improved ballistic coefficient and reduced aerodynamic drag.

Titan Monolithic Hollow Points Bullets allow for a more effective expansion of the bullet on impact with a medium. When a Titan Monolithic Bullet impacts on a medium (target) the Titan Monolithic Hollow Point Bullet will expand allowing for a more efficient energy transfer to the medium. The expanded piece (petals) will break from the main body of the bullet, so that the remaining piece of the bullet can travel through the medium in a straight path. The Titan Monolithic Bullets are therefore popular for hunting purposes. The meat los on the animal when hunted with a Titan bullet are minimal.

  • Titan bullets are designed for accuracy.
  • Titan bullets are designed for Standard Rifle Caliber Bore and Groove diameters.
  • Titan bullets are moly coated as a standard.
  • Les fouling in the barrel occurs, due to the compound of metal used.
  • Reduced friction in the barrel due to the design of the bullet bearing area.
  • The bullets are manufactured to the absolute minimum variances in dimension and weight, which contribute to the bullet accuracy and performance.
  • The Titan Monolithic Bullet has proven to be a success on the shooting range in accuracy and on numerous hunting expeditions bringing the animal down.


Why we designed the bullet

When the bullet enters the animal skin it will start to expand, it normally travels for two inches to full expansion. Leaving a small entry wound, then the petals break off and the clean shank travels on in a straight path, leaving a small exit wound with the minimal meat damage to the hunted animal. The lungs and hart are normally burst for a sure kill. This makes the Titan Monolithic bullet popular with the hunting and target shooting fraternity.

We trust that we have convinced you to invest in Titan bullets for a safe and successful adventure on the shooting range and hunting expedition.

I had many questions from lots of people why a Titan, hope this information assist you all. It is quite technical and various scientific and mathematical calculations is involved. So yes everything might not seam 100% to some experts out there but it is as close as humanly possible based on information available and various experts worldwide that assisted in the tests and the gel slow mow videos.Three aspects I would like to highlight to you today: BRSD – Bullet Retained sectional density,

Thedeer illustration show this effect of the Titan bullet.

TITAN BULLETS Helber International is the South African Distributor. The Titan bullet has a unique and innovative design that sets these bullets apart from the other bullets available on the market. About the company Tri-Blade Innovations was founded in 2008 and is based in Welkom in the province of the Free State in South Africa. Tri-Blade Innovations initially started manufacturing the Titan Monolithic bullet with the same conventional design, the same as all other current

Titan Monolithic Bullets Reload Data Caliber W/GN In Box Twist Bullet Number Propellant Min Tested Grain f/s @ 2m with tested grain f/s @ 100m V/C BC AOL mm

Bullet Number In Box R Incl vat 223EXBT/55 100 R 621 223EXBT/54 100 R 621 223EXBT/60 100 R 621 223EXBT/70 100 R 621 243/60 100 &

The gel block test show this effect of the Titan bullet.

The Titan bullet has a unique and innovative design that sets these bullets apart from the other bullets available on the market. Order by sending email to Bernard@helber.co.za